The Memorial

Project Eagle Phase 1

Project Eagle is the name given to a 3 phase project that aims to modernise the Museum, thus underpinning its future sustainability. The initial phase of Project Eagle, which was completed in 2017, is The Memorial. The Memorial commemorates all those who have died in service of British Army flying, from early pioneers who first took to the air in the 1870s to the present day Army Air Corps.


This Memorial is unique in listing the names of aircrew, support staff, and ground crews of the Royal Flying Corps, Air Observation Post Squadrons, Glider Pilot Regiment, Army Air Corps and attached personnel who have died in the service of British Army flying. It provides a focus for remembrance for all those who have been involved in British Army aviation. It is a powerful reminder that behind the historic events are stories of courage and sacrifice involving more than 5,000 brave soldiers over nearly 140 years.

The Memorial is located at the far end of the field adjacent to the Airfield, is circular in design with the names inscribed on the inside wall. From the outside, it resembles a tumulus – a common sight in this part of England (see image below). Scroll down for full gallery of opening ceremony.



RFC Memorial List    GPR Memorial List    AOP Memorial List     AAC Memorial List


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Unless specifically stated otherwise, the Museum assume that donations to the Flying Soldiers Heritage Appeal may be used for any Phase of Project Eagle or, in the event of insufficient funds being raised, used for other improvements in the Museum. Excess funds may also be used in this way. 


You can view the Memorial Names Protocol document here.