Project Eagle

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Project Eagle

The Museum is currently raising funds for a new development programme known as Project Eagle. This will secure the future of the Museum for generations to come and comprises three overlapping phases. Project Eagle is funded from a number of sources including by Treasury LIBOR funding, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Hampshire County Council and a number of private donations.

The project will be delivered in three phases.                        

Phase 1

Phase 1, which was completed on 1 September 2017, is a dignified memorial to more than 5,000 that have died in the service of British Army Flying from early pioneers to the modern Army Air Corps. The Memorial is a focus for remembrance for local, veteran and serving communities reflecting their common heritage of service and sacrifice no matter what their regimental background. Please see short video clip


Phase 2

Phase 2 is the expansion and modernisation of the archive which will contain a matchless record of Army flying exploits and a complete updating and reinterpretation of our unique collection. This will be complemented by a substantial community, education and volunteer programme and improved corporate and volunteer facilities. In June 2016, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a development grant of £182,500 to support the detailed planning for phase 2. We have until spring 2018 to complete the planning when we seek approval from the HLF for those plans and apply for a grant of £1.5million out of a total cost £2.35million to build the improvements. This leaves £850,000 for the Museum to raise; £250,000 has been pledged from the AAC fund and £200,000 has been granted from the Treasury LIBOR fund to date and so a further £400,000 is still to be raised by fundraising. Corps and Veteran representatives are actively engaged in all phases of this project through membership of the Museum Board and Development Committee.

Phase 3

In Phase 3 (to be started after Phase 2 completes) we plan to add hangar capacity to house exciting new exhibits and showcase the Army Historic Aircraft Flight. Cost approximately £2.5m.


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Unless specifically stated otherwise, the Museum assume that donations to the Project Eagle Heritage Appeal may be used for any Phase of Project Eagle or, in the event of insufficient funds being raised, used for other improvements in the Museum. Excess funds may also be used in this way.