Beaver AL Mk.1

Adopt a Beaver

Beaver XP821 was loaned from 130 Flight, Royal Corps of Transport, to the British Embassy in Laos where it completed over 1300 flying hours.    

Adopt this Beaver today and you or your gift recipient will receive:-

  • Adopter's Notes Adoption Booklet, full of interesting facts and photos.
  • Personalised Adoption Certificate
  • Mounted photo
  • AFM car sticker
  • Online Access to the ‘Private Hangar’ containing downloadable information on your aircraft
  • 50% off ticket entry to visit your aircraft

Adoption lasts for a year.  Please leave a minimum of 5 working days for postage to the UK and 10 days worldwide.  Whilst we aim to get your order out as soon as possible at busy times this can take longer.