Summer Holiday Fun featuring Wild and Wacky Wednesdays

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Come into the Museum of Army flying for some Wild and Wacky fun during the summer holidays, or see some of the games we used to play in our special exhibition.

During the week throughout the summer holidays, between 11am and 2pm we will be doing a selection of Art and Craft Activities, this year, however, we will be introducing Wild and Wacky Wednesdays, which will feature either a ‘wild’ - wildlife or a ‘wacky’ – science experiments theme on each Wednesday.

Wacky Wednesday itinerary so far:

25th July                               K&H Falconry (Wild)

1st August                            Eruping Volcanoes and self inflating balloons (Wacky)

8th August                           Slithers and wriggles (Wild)

15th August                        Paper plane and glider workshop ( Wacky)

22nd August                         K&H Falconry ( Wild)

29th August                         Make and drop a parachute (Wacky)

More details to follow.

Also this summer 

The Games We Played: Childhood Board & Card Games

We have an exhibition which explores some of the most popular, as well as a number of lesser known, board and card games from the 1920s through to the 1970s. 




The exhibition features a collection of 28 vintage games, which include 15 board games, 10 card games and 3 dice and dominoes games.

There will also be 13 hands-on games, including both floor based and table based activities.


Other dates to look out for: 

26th   July  – 27th July - Decorate your own game counters and board games and play some of our games around our new board game exhibition

30th July- 3rd August (not the 1st) - Crazy paper.  Learn some colourful paper marbling techniques

6th & 7 th August  ( Not 8th) - Create a Stain glass window plane or helicopter with tissue paper!

9th & 10th August - Native American Indian  Craft  - TBC

13th to 17th (not 15th) - Crazy paper.  Learn  some colourful paper marbling techniques

20th August – 24th August( Not 22nd) - Decorate your own game counters and board games and play some of the games around the new board game exhibition

27th to the 31st August ( Not 29th) - Create a Stain Glass Window plane or helicopter with tissue paper.