UNPROFOR 1995 – The AAC’s return to expeditionary operations

One off lecture by Major General Nick Caplin who was OC of 664 Sqn at the time of this talk and led the deployment into Theatre (which was a new venture for the AAC).

British troops were deployed to Bosnia in 1992 as part of UNPROFOR (the UN Protection Force), whose mission in Bosnia was to protect the population whilst the Croation War of Independence was brought to a conclusion. 

In mid-1994, the AAC was warned for a deployment to Bosnia to cover the withdrawal of British and UN troops following the escalation in hostilities between the 3 warring factions.  Come the start of 1995, the situation had stabilised leading to a change in mission. 

This talk covers the deployment of 664 Sqn AAC to Bosnia for Feb-Aug 95, a period covering international brinksmanship, the siege of Sarajevo, the tragedy of Srebrenica and the prelude to the NATO IFOR mission. 

And, following Tony Blair’s policy of being prepared to use force for good, this was the AAC’s return to expeditionary operations.

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20 June 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm