The Use of Air Power in support of the British Army's Campaigns in the Second World War

27 May 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Brigadier Ben Kite tells the story of how the British incorporated air power to support some of its most famous campaigns of the Second World War. He describes how a poor performance in 1940 was transformed in the Western Desert between 1941-2, so that that together the Eighth Army and Desert Air Force became a powerful, battle-winning team.

The British then improved and developed these air-ground support techniques  in Italy and Normandy, before adapting them to take account of the unique jungle environment of Burma, or in the Australian case - Papua New Guinea.

As well as covering close air support and other forms of strike, Ben will also introduce other aspects of air support that proved vital for several land campaigns. This will include special duties support, photographic reconnaissance and air transport. This use of air transport was essential in providing General Slim’s Fourteenth Army a degree of operational mobility unprecedented in warfare.

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