Malta 1940-43 - some surprising facts

The story of Malta’s historic defence against the might of the Italian and German air forces in 1941-43 is legendary. It saw Hurricanes and Spitfires climbing into the burning blue several times a day, outnumbered and out gunned.

The Second Great Siege of Malta was a close-run thing. It was an air battle as epic as the Battle of Britain and it was a naval battle of great intensity. Winston Churchill was prepared to sacrifice ships and aircraft to keep the Fortress Island ‘afloat’. History has proved him right to do so because it was Malta more than anything which crippled Rommel in the Western Desert and set the seeds for the victory in Mediterranean, North Africa and Italy.

Paul Beaver takes the story on to the fight back under ACM Keith Park and surveys the joint nature of the Island’s defence with army gunners and naval submarines and other warships playing their roles.

Paul says: “When viewed from the centre of the island, using the former officers’ mess at Mosta, Malta seems so small. Yet in 1942, it was the most bombed place on Earth. The brave defenders should be remembered and those who took the fight on, helping to defeat Rommel in the Western Desert also need their place in history.”


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