75th Anniversary of Operation Varsity

Lecture with Mike Peters

In March 1945 Allied Forces prepared for what they intended to be their final victorious drive into the heart of Hitler's Germany. The end of the Second World War seemed to be finally in sight. All that stood between the British, Canadian and US Forces was the River Rhine and the battered but determined remnants of the German Army in the West. The stage was set for Operation Varsity, the last great combat operation mounted by Allied Airborne Forces and the largest Airborne Assault of all time. With a D day set for 24th March 1945 Varsity involved a vast fleet of Allied Transport Aircraft taking off from France and England towing gliders or heavily laden with paratroops and their equipment. Varsity was part of a much larger and complex operation that would secure crossings over the Rhine and allow Allied Ground Forces to penetrate the Third Reich and finish the war. The Airborne plan pitted the battle-proven British 6th Airborne Division and the newly formed 17th US Airborne Division against well-prepared German defences bristling with Flak Guns, manned by German soldiers fighting on home soil. On Sunday the 24th March 1945 a total of 1300 gliders and 17,000 paratroops were set to 'Bounce the Rhine'. Military Historian and Battlefield Guide, Mike Peters will tell their story.

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11 March 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm