656 Sqn talk pt 2 - Reformation back in UK with operations in Rhodesia, the Falklands and Bosnia/Kosovo

656 Squadron Association talk

The 656 Squadron Association will deliver a series of 3 talks detailing the history of the Squadron from the early days in India and Burma through Malaya, Hong Kong, Farnborough, Rhodesia, the Falklands, and Bosnia to the modern era in Afghanistan and Libya.


The squadron has the distinction of having arguably more operational hours than any other squadron in the British Armed Forces and over the period it has existed has won 1 DSO, 49 DFC, 4 MC, 9 DFM and numerous Mentions in Dispatches.  This is unique and the story is fascinating.

Talk 2 - Reformation back in the UK

The Squadron reformed at the RAE Farnborough in 1978 and operated in UK, Belize, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, the Gambia and Kenya on exercise and operations.  In 1979/80 the squadron supported the Commonwealth Monitoring Force in Rhodesia and in 1982 deployed to the Falklands providing armed action, reconnaissance, liaison, AOP and casualty evacuation in the war.

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04 November 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm