Murder Mystery night at the Museum

A Brief Period of Rejoicing

A Murder Mystery night, 'A Brief Period of Rejoicing' set in the 1940s, with a three-course meal, takes place in the Museum of Army Flying.


02 June 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Winston Churchill has declared a brief period of rejoicing to celebrate the end of the war and a party has being organised. However, the rejoicing comes to an abrupt end as murder interrupts the celebrations.

Join in with the police investigation as the Museum of Army Flying welcomes Murdered For Money to present their very latest crime. 

Dress code 1940s* (*or casual)

It is 1945 and the war in Europe is over. The soldiers are making their way back home, passing the land girls harvesting the fields and the children playing tag on the bombsite. Oh the relief to be home, to know that the killing is over, to be safe, or maybe not so safe…

Get out your hair pins and very best dress, polish your buttons and boots, and Join Ivy and Edna as they prepare to celebrate VE day with the towns very own street party.

Under Major Henry’s watchful eye, there are questions to be asked. Where is Grace, come to think of it where is Bert, how can the puddings be missing? Will George and Joe ever leave the pub?

Set within the wonderfully atmospheric setting of the museum, surrounded by aircraft and memorabilia from the wartime era. It is time to put on your detective hats, eat, drink, dance and be merry, and catch a killer!  

Bring a team of eight to solve the mystery, or join up with others on the night. Interrogate the suspects and solve the clues. With a prize for the winning team, there is everything to play for.

Or if you prefer simply sit back and watch the fun.

Presented by MurderedforMoney, the fundraising Murder Mystery Company.

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