Going West

France, 1917: A handful of brave young men, flying into Hell... Going West...

France, 1917: A handful of brave young men, flying into Hell... Going West...

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To mark the centenary of the 1918 Armistice Everyman Theatre presents Going West.

The performances will take place leading up to and on the centenary of the Armistice at the uniquely atmospheric Museum of Army Flying.


1917; six young men from vastly different backgrounds - William ‘Billy’ Bishop from

Canada, Edward ‘Mick’ Mannock from Ireland, James McCudden (Anglo-Irish), and

Albert Ball, William Bond and Arthur Rhys-Davids (all English) - join the Royal Flying

Corps to fight the Germans in the air. All full of brio, optimism and youthful courage, the play follows their progress via the memoirs and diaries that they keep, the letters they write home, and the response they get from their loved ones. Though they didn’t all serve in the same squadron at the same time, they all knew, or knew of, each other (for instance, Ball, McCudden and Rhys-Davids were all in 56 sqdn

at the same time for a period, McCudden was Mannock’s fighter-instructor in England, and Mannock was known to Bond and Bishop since Mannock took over 85 sqdn from Bishop), so they are presented as all being together for dramatic purposes. The climax of the play is a battle between 56 sqdn and the lone German ace Werner Voss, who was universally admired by the men he fought.

Very little is made-up; almost everything in the play happened as described and is based on their own recorded experiences and memories, often written down just after the events they describe while their aero-engines were still clinking as they cooled down.


Edward ‘Mick’ Mannock (played by Joshua Davey) Killed on 26 July 1918, aged 31
William ‘Billy’ Bishop (played by Toby Harris) Canadian, five star- silk-lined, ocean-going psychopath....Survived WW1.
James McCudden (played by Richard Atkinson). Died on 9th July 1918, aged 24.
Albert Ball (played by Jack Bourton) Died May 7th 1917, aged 20.

William Bond  (played by Connor Jack Charles) Died 22 July 1917, aged 28.
Aimee McHardy (played by Victoria Walters) Bond’s wife.

Arthur Rhys-Davids (played by Rhys Edmunds) Died 27th October 1917, aged 20.

Caroline Augusta Rhys Davids (Foley) (1857–1942) Mother of Arthur Rhys-Davids (played by Lydia-Jane Bateman) A British writer and translator. 

Sir Albert Ball JP (1863–1946) Father of the Great War air ace Captain Albert Ball.  (played by Tom Seymour)

Purchasing tickets

Tickets: £10 - Adult; £7.50 - Senior/Student; £5 - Child.

Shows: Friday 9 November at 7pm - click here for tickets  

Saturday 10 November at 7pm - click here for tickets

Sunday 11 November at 3pm - click here for tickets