Easter Activities

Looking for something to do this Easter, then why not try one of these fun craft activities?

Trench Art Vase

Did you know? During and after the First World War, vases were often made from shell cases and en-graved with regimental badges. This type of work is known as 'trench art'. You can find out more about 'trench art' by clicking HERE.

Make your own Trench Art Vase (using paper or card) by downloading the template HERE. 

Just follow the instructions which you'll find HERE.

Marshalling Rabbit

Did you know? The people who help guide aircraft around when they are on the ground are known as Marshallers? You can find out more about what Marshallers do by clicking HERE.

Middle Wallop has lots of rabbits, so we're sure they’ve picked up a few tips from the ground crew by now.

Why not have a go at creating your own fun Marshalling Rabbit?

You can download the template HERE and then just follow the instructions which you'll find HERE.

We would love to see your creations so please email your pictures to: education@armyflying.com

Happy Easter!